We have created the ultimate list of Uses of Epsom Salt for health, well-being and home. You will be amazed by the many applications and uses of Epsom salt in your daily life!

My grandmother was a big fan of Epsom salt, she used it for everything! People of his generation knew about the many health benefits of Epsom salt and I recently discovered that the uses of Epsom salt go far beyond relaxing baths!

Read on for 25 incredible uses of Epsom salt – you might be surprised by more than a few of these smart tips!

Uses of Epsom Salt for Home and Garden

25 uses of Epsom salt!

1. Uses of Epsom salt in the garden – Studies show that the magnesium and sulfur that make up Epsom salt can help your plants get greener, produce higher yields and have more flowers! The use of Epsom salt for plants is one of my favorite uses of this powerful ingredient.

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2. Dip the feet in Epsom salt – Mix 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and warm soapy water, then soak your feet for 5 minutes to soften the skin. Remove the nail polish, push back the cuticles, then cut and file your nails. Soak an additional 5 minutes in a warm bath with Epsom salt for super soft feet.