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If you are looking for ways to add more visual appeal to your backyard, then consider decorating your garden or backyard fence with these easy-to-DIY planters. You can hang a pot or herb garden in a few simple steps.

Hang a flowerpot

Have you ever thought of hanging a flowerpot on your fence? To hang the pots on the fence, you can buy special hangers online that can be screwed onto the fence.

These are clips that attach to your flower pot, holding it firmly in place. Arrange the pots alone or in groups. Buy these flower clips (set of 12) d & # 39; Amazon.

They have a clip on them to firmly secure your pot. You can remove your pot or replace it with a new one at any time.

Hang several pots spaced along the length of your fence or group small pots in one place.

Easy DIY idea to hang a painted flower pot on a fence.

In hot weather, make sure the pots receive enough water. You will probably need to water them at least once a day.