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It is rumored that as humanity progresses, our brain function will operate like the physical body of someone in the Mega Man Triathlon.   In the relatively recent past, being capable of heavy lifting and having dexterity, quick reflexes, and stamina were crucial to both survival and making a living.  Presently, much of our lives are relying on high brain functionality, and supplements are starting to make their way into the conversation about optimal brain health.

Technology development requires high attention to detail, the ability to quickly analyze and make a decision, and to absorb, remember, and utilize increasing amounts of information.  Currently, many companies are working on developing various computer-brain integrations to both improve the lives of those with disabilities and also enhance and surpass our current mental capabilities.

We have begun to acknowledge, no matter how slowly, that increasing brain function is vital in how we care for ourselves.  As we start to feel the stress on our brains to handle our jobs, families, external stimuli, and an increasingly technological society, we are seeking more ways to enhance our brain through supplements.

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Life often comes filled with high-demand situations.  Even positive events can create stress.  Over time, this stress accumulates, and we start to feel exhausted or “burned out.”  Often when we think of exhaustion, we only think of the physical symptoms:


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