✅ Fairy doors for tree trunks

I love fairy gardens. I have been collecting items for my various indoor and outdoor fairy gardens for several years, and I am always looking for fun new things to add to my collection. Here are some fun fairy doors for the trees you're sure to love. Amazon has a lot of cute ideas for fairy doors, I hope you find inspiration here for your mini fairy doors!

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See the list of the best fairy doors for trees today

This miniature fairy door is solar powered and made from poly resin. It can be used indoors or outdoors. I love the butterfly pattern on the door.

It is an inexpensive little fairy door with a knocker made by Darice.

This adorable mini gnome holder for a tree is made of resin and measures 5 ″ high 4.5 ″ wide. It is hand painted.

This small round door can be used in any fairy garden or terrarium. It is 5.25 "tall and 5" wide and is hand painted.

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