Ceramic tile floors look good, and cleaning ceramic tiles is easier than taking care of many other types of floors. Below you will find the steps you can take to keep your ceramic tile looking its best.

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Cleaning ceramic tiles

Before cleaning your ceramic tile floor, always vacuum or sweep it first. If you use a vacuum cleaner, use one without a beater bar. A beater bar will dull and scratch the tiles.

Most of the tiles you will have in your house are glazed, which means that they have been fired, then glazed, and then annealed. This process creates a smooth surface which actually repels water and dirt. However, some tiles are not glazed.

Cleaning unglazed tiles

If you have unglazed ceramic tiles in your home, these are the real culprits for attracting dirt. Unglazed tiles should only be cleaned with clean water. Wipe the tiles daily with water, then dry them with a clean cloth or sponge to prevent build up of dirt, mold and hard water stains.

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Cleaning glazed tiles