Ambrosia Pie has all of the goodness of Ambrosia Salad, tucked into a tasty graham cracker crust to be served for dessert! This no bake pie is perfect for spring parties and potlucks, and it is also a great dessert for any night of the week since it requires just a few minutes of prep!

Ambrosia Pie is every bit as decadent as it sounds! This pretty no bake pie recipe turns a classic side dish into deliciously simple dessert! All of the flavors we love in ambrosia salad are piled high into a graham cracker crust!

This Ambrosia Pie recipe comes together quickly and is just as easily devoured! The hardest part is to be patient enough to let it chill! Oh, and one more quick note about the “refrigerate 4 hours” part.  If you’re really in a pinch, you can refrigerate for less time, but the results will be a softer pie since the marshmallows don’t soak in any of the liquid.

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How to make it:

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