Glass feeders for hummingbirds

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I must admit that I am a little obsessed with hummingbirds. They only visit a few months of the year, and I look forward to seeing them every year!

I became a bit of a hummingbird feeder collector. Hummingbird feeders come in all shapes and sizes.

The plastic ones are the cheapest, but if you want your feeders to last, it's best to invest in a few glasses.

You can get glasses that are very unique and artistic in appearance, they are truly a work of art, especially those blown by hand!

Below is a compiled list of my favorite glass hummingbird feeders. You will be hard pressed to decide which one to choose, they are all beautiful. Here you can find out how to prepare your own hummingbird food.

baby hummingbird feeding on a hummingbird feeder

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Best Glass Feeders for Hummingbirds

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