If you are lucky enough to live near a lavender farm, then you should definitely go and visit it. You might even be lucky enough to find a lavender festival. Lavender generally flowers during the months of June to July each year, depending on where you live. I have compiled a list of my lavender farms in Washington State.

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Lavender farms in western Washington

✅ Lavender Purple Haze

Purple Haze Lavender is located in Sequim, Washington. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Purple Haze Lavender offers 7 acres of organic lavender. They have a store on their farm and another store in downtown Sequim which is open year-round. They also offer a vacation rental and a wedding venue.

✅ Lavender Sun Garden

Jardin du Soleil Lavender is also located in Sequim, Washington. It is a 10 acre farm that includes not only lavender fields, but a garden maze and flocks of ducks and chickens. The farm is host to many community events, including a series of summer concerts.

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Full list of lavender farms in Washington State, including farms in eastern and western Washington.

✅ Washington Lavender Farm

Washington Lavender is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles, Washington. This lavender has more than 5000 plants from 10 different varieties of lavender and offers spectacular views of the ocean. This farm is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and by appointment throughout the year.