Best Sweet Coleslaw Recipe | Restaurant Style Coleslaw | Easy sweet coleslawFriends, you will never need another coleslaw recipe again. My mom makes the absolute best sweet coleslaw and I'm sharing his secret recipe with you today.

Best Sweet Coleslaw Recipe

Fortunately, my mom is not super protective of her recipes. It didn't take me a lot of twisting to get her to write her famous sweet coleslaw recipe on a card for me. I keep all of my favorite family recipes in a small tin box of recipes and I was so happy to finally add this to my collection.

Best Sweet Coleslaw Recipe | Restaurant Style Coleslaw | Easy sweet coleslaw


Coleslaw is one of those dishes that I somehow avoided when I was a kid. My grandmother loved coleslaw and it was often on the family dinner table. I learned to love it when I got a little addicted to coleslaw at KFC and Frisch’s. I love this sweet restaurant style coleslaw so much.

Of course, everyone loves coleslaw at family reunions and barbecues, especially during the summer! You are going to want to pin this fantastic sweet coleslaw recipe for easy recovery when you need it. Or, you can write it down on a card and add it to your old school recipe box if you have one! 🙂

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