Blueberry and White Chocolate Scones

I really like scones. Like…I really just like scones.  They’re so simple, and not fussy.  They’re just scones.  Simple and uncomplicated…perfect for breakfast.  A plain old raisin scone served warm with a little bit of butter seems like such a perfect way to begin an uncomplicated and carefree day.

I was clearly just not in that frame of mind when I made these scones.  Replace the raisins with blueberries for more excitement and add white chocolate chunks for a more decadent feel and you have yourself quite a special scone…mmm, so good.  They’re slightly fussy without being overly pretentious, so this recipe worked for me.  I wanted to be just a bit more adventurous for breakfast, and these scones did the trick.

The original recipe called for 1½ cups of raspberries, so I substituted the same amount of blueberries instead.  This may or may not have been a good thing.  There were so many berries, that they all spilled out during the baking process, making the scones look a little less attractive than they could have looked, but that was ok. I got a blueberry (several actually) in every bite, and that was what counted.  Who cares if they don’t look super pretty…they still tasted pretty darn good.  Just add the amount of berries you want to suit your liking.  No one will know if the berries come out of the scones while baking…you’ll have eaten all of them before anyone even notices. 

The key to a good scone is to use cold butter, as cold as possible.  This is why freezing the butter and using a box grater is so important, because it helps to ensure that the scones have a nice texture to them.  Don’t skip out on this step!

Blueberry and White Chocolate Scones

Adapted from PickyCook



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