Most of us want the best for our elderly family members. After they’ve worked hard to raise and support the family, they’ve gathered a wealth of experience under their belts and deserve our respect and love.

Sometimes, in order to get good, professional 24/7 care, the best bet we have is to entrust the safety and well being of our elderly loved ones with nursing homes.

Many nursing homes provide the necessary aid required to seniors all around the world, and there are plenty of fantastic and reputable ones.

But just like with any good thing, there are some dark, shady versions of nursing homes that have relatives of these patients in shock and horror when they find out.

Image Credit: Pixabay

71-year-old Joy Lewis, who is from Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom, moved into a nursing home when her Alzheimer’s began to require constant attention and care.

She was placed at the Brookside House Care Home by her daughters, and all seemed well for a while.

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But after a couple of visits, the daughters began to notice that their mother had bruises peppered across her wrists, her skin covered in bed sores.

Suspicious, the daughters, including Joy’s eldest daughter Teresa and a younger daughter named Kelly, decided to set up a hidden camera next to Joy’s bed that was cleverly disguised as a clock.