I’m going to confess that at some point in my life I was addicted to coconut. There is a good reason why vegans love coconuts, they are so versatile and is a great healthy alternative to a lot of fats used in cooking and baking.

I love the sweetness and creaminess of coconut. It is so comforting and a small addition of coconut to the desserts, take it to the next level. My love for coconut made my try this wonderful recipe of creme of coconut cake, it is super easy to make with the help of the yellow butter cake mix. This cake is really moist and full of coconut flavor as we allow the cake to absorb all the cream of coconut and milk added to it. The topping has grated coconut and whipped topping which is perfect for this recipe. I love dry roasting the coconut and sprinkling them on top before serving.

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Coconut is a very delicious and amazing fruit. I usually use it a lot in dessert, it gives a special flavor to anything you make it with! For example, this cream of coconut cake! Check out the recipe!

How to make it:

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