DIY Christmas photo ornament

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DIY Christmas photo ornament

Once every two months or so, my mom reminds me to print out some new photos of the kids so that she can refresh the viewing of the photos on her workstation. She won't let me forget!

Because I'm always so busy, her regular reminders trigger me to jump to my account, upload new photos of Evan and Kara and send them to my local store to print them. It takes me less than five minutes to complete this process and I have always been a big fan of print quality at Walgreens.

After picking up particularly adorable wallet prints at the Walgreens Photo Center today, I decided to get a little crafty and make DIY Christmas photo decorations easy.

It's a really simple project, and Walgreen's wallet-size photo prints are perfect for photo crafts!

As much as I love taking and sharing digital images of my family, there is truly something beautiful in picking up an envelope of beautiful, brilliant images.

Transform one of these pretty prints into a souvenir photo ornament? It's even better! Read on for all the details on making this beautiful and simple photo ornament.

If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY ornamental craft, this is the one for you. See the instructions below and have a great vacation!

DIY Christmas photo ornament

DIY Christmas photo ornament


Wallet-size photo print from Walgreens. Purchased per sheet of (4) 3 ”x2” prints.
Decorative transparent plastic ball to fill
Iridescent sequins
The scissors
Wire ribbon
Ornamental hook


1. Remove the cap from the transparent ornament ball and fill with about 2 tablespoons of glitter.

2. Cut out one of the wallet prints from the sheet. Hold it against your ball to determine if you need to cut a small part from the top or bottom to fit it. You should be able to see it easily.

3. Roll your print, photo side out, and drag it into the ball. Use your finger or a pair of tweezers to position the print. It should fall into place fairly easily.

4. Replace the cap and add a ribbon and a hook at the top of the ornament!

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