This is a fun home remedy … make your own ice pack! It's really easy and a great idea if you need an ice pack and you can't go to the store to get one. They're also very inexpensive, you can make one for less than $ 1 and you probably already have everything you need to do it.

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To make a homemade ice pack, you will need:

All brand dish soap
Rubbing alcohol
Quartz ziploc freezer bag

To make the ice pack, you will want to use 2 parts dish soap for 1 part rubbing alcohol, so in a quarter size freezer bag you can put 1 cup and 1/2 dish soap cup of rubbing alcohol.

When this mixture freezes, it will look very much like what you would find in a store-bought ice pack. It will not freeze completely but will be very cold and moldable so that it can be shaped to the part of the body for which you need it.

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To prevent the bag from opening, especially if it is to be used by children, you can prevent leakage by placing the first bag in a second bag and then sealing it with tape. packaging, or you can seal the first bag in another bag with a meal sealing machine, that's what I did.