I have wanted to make a scarecrow for years. The ones you buy at the store are so cheap. I wanted a cool one. This year, I finally have one, and I'm so excited about it. About an hour of work and this DIY scarecrow will last for years and years.

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Supplies needed

2 pieces of wood 2 × 4
Wood or terrace screws
Foam pumpkin for the head

I spent a total of about $ 20 on this scarecrow. You may be able to spend less if you have clothes on hand. I bought the 2 × 4 at Lowes, all the clothes, the hat and the pumpkin at Goodwill.

To make this scarecrow, you will need to use a saw to cut the 2 × 4 to the desired lengths. You will need 1 piece of 54 inches, 1 piece of 26 inches, 1 piece of 16 inches and 2 pieces of 44 inches. Please refer to the diagram below to see how the parts are assembled.

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Scarecrow Directions

You may want to cut the ends of the leg pieces so that they are more pointed instead of squares, so that you can put them more easily in the ground.