A dog named Pakita was lost and had not seen her family for two years. Arca Animal in Argentina rescued Pakita off the street and attempted to find her a home.

Her sadness and age caused her to be overlooked by adopters. She clearly missed her family.

The rescue center didn’t give up on Pakita. Instead, they continued to post her picture on social media for two years.

Pakita the dog
Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

They wanted everyone to know how sweet she was. Fortunately, Pakita’s family recognized one of the pictures posted.

Pakita’s grandmother saw her picture and contacted Ariel Naveira, her son and Pakita’s dad.

She also called Arca Animal and they found out that Pakita’s family had been searching for her after she escaped from home.

They had never given up and continued to search for the entire two years.

Pakita the dog
Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

When Ariel arrived to get Pakita, she starts out with the same withdrawn demeanor that she always had.

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But then something happened.

Maybe it was Ariel’s scent, or maybe she actually remembered his face.

Whatever the reason, Pakita recognized her dad and her entire disposition changed. It’s as if she came alive for the first time in two years.



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