Easy Apple Centerpiece – Creative Homemaking

Someone recently shared with me a great, easy idea for making a table centerpiece. All you need to get started is several pounds of Red Delicious apples. The apples that you can turn into candle holders! All you have to do is use a utility knife to cut a circle on the top of the apple (remove the stem).

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Then use a spoon to remove enough apple to leave enough room for a votive candle. If you want to use a larger candle, you can get more out of the apple. The top of the candle should line up with the top of the apple.

Place the apple on the counter and see if it is straight. If it is a little out of balance, cut just a little from the bottom of the apple so that it is in place. There are many ways to decorate with your apple candle holders.

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If you want to decorate your table, you can take a nice bowl and fill it with apples. Place 2-3 apple candle holders with the other apples and light the candles for an attractive centerpiece.