Easy strawberry and banana smoothie

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This is what I did for myself and the kids as a snack after breakfast today. It's a super easy and healthy strawberry and banana smoothie!

Easy banana-strawberry smoothie

This will be the smoothie for you if you like the taste of Greek yogurt. My kids love Greek yogurt, and the splashes of vanilla and honey and these sweet and delicious strawberries make this smoothie sweet enough for my kids!

I love knowing that they are drinking such a healthy smoothie that is not loaded with sugar.

Easy banana-strawberry smoothie

The addition of ice also makes children feel like they are enjoying a special ice cream. Smoothies just aren't as good without the addition of ice in our house!

Easy banana-strawberry smoothie

I’m sad to see the summer start to wear off, but it’s good to know that I can still buy California strawberries at the grocery store throughout the fall and winter.

My kids love strawberries so much that I had to cut them because I almost didn't have enough strawberries for my smoothie recipe!

Easy banana-strawberry smoothie

Like I said, this smoothie is great for those of you who love the flavor of vanilla greek yogurt. If Greek yogurt is not your thing, it is not a problem, replace it with plain vanilla yogurt or the yogurt of your choice!

Easy banana-strawberry smoothie

Share your strawberry smoothie!

Do you l & # 39; Love smoothies?

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