Elimination of odor or odor of rotten meat from freezer

How to get rid of rotten meat smell

Tip # 1: I clean a rotten fridge or freezer with bleach or baking soda or vinegar, but I also remove the drip tray bottom of fridge / freezer at the back or front bottom as if the blood from the meat was running in, the smell will stay and only worsen.

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I cleaned a fridge that had raw meat that was rotten and smelly until I removed the drip tray and cleaned it very well. I always keep an open box of baking soda in the fridge and freezer.

Tip # 2: Try placing a container of vinegar in the freezer. Leave the container open.

How to remove the smell from the freezer

Tip # 3: Put a large bowl or pan of cat litter in the freezer and close for a week. Make sure to use the type that contains chlorophyll … the green stuff … not the type of clay! It worked wonders for us!

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Tip # 4: Try a freshly opened can of coffee. This is what they use in the trucks in which they transport the skins of animals.