I have become absolutely fascinated by the fairy garden trend and I love these beautiful broken planters in a fairy garden pot. It seems perfectly natural for the woodland fairy community to settle in a broken planter, right? It makes me wish I could reduce the size of a thimble and enjoy this little magical world myself!

Certainly, I'm not an expert in fairy gardening, as I plan to make it my first this spring using one of these broken pot planters.

In case you're new to the trend, fairy gardens are actually just miniature gardens with structures (like little fairy garden chalets, miniature mushrooms, tiny fairies, miniature forest animals and fairies) paired with living plants, including living fairy moss, herbs and flowers. Fairy gardens are a great way to put those green thumbs up for creative use. I am just captivated by some of the intricate fairy gardens that I have seen online and my mission is to create mine.

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Fairy Garden broken planters

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Ever since I did my own shopping to find the best fairy garden broken pot planter, I thought I would share some of the prettiest I have found. Each of these fairy planters has its own appearance, but I would be happy to use one of these broken planters as a starting point to build my fairytale garden masterpiece! Tip, if you really want to make your life easier, consider buying a fairy garden starter kit when you buy your planter!