There are many varieties of peaches. What I didn't realize, however, was that some are better for canning than others. The way to know if the peaches you have are good for canning or not is to know if they are stone peaches or sticky peaches.

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Clingstone Fisheries

Clingstone peaches are peaches where the peach does not come off easily from the peach pit. These types of peaches are great for eating or for making pies or other desserts, but if you're looking for canned peaches, you'll need to cut them into slices.

Clingstone peaches are generally smaller and sweeter than Freestone peaches.

Clingstone peaches are ripe earlier than Freestone peaches. They are available from mid-May to August.

Freestone Fisheries

Freestone peaches are the most popular peaches for canning. They are larger than adherent stone peaches and look great when cut in half in your canning jars.

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Popular varieties of cut stone peaches:

Red globe

These are just a few of the many varieties of peaches. The types may vary depending on your location.