How to cook green beans in a pan

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There are several ways to cook green beans. You can boil them, microwave or sauté them. Personally, I like sautéed green beans, they are cooked but they have a slight crisp. This easy recipe of green beans with bacon and onions is one of the BEST ways to taste fresh green beans from the garden.

This recipe is best prepared from fresh green beans from the grocery store, the farmer's market, or better yet, straight from your garden. I usually grow a lot of green beans. I freeze a few, I can green beans with my pot, and of course I benefit directly from the garden.

How do you clean and break green beans?

The easiest way to clean and break green beans is to place them in a large colander and place them in the kitchen sink to rinse them thoroughly.

Then use your fingers to break the ends (both ends) of each green bean. It may take a little while, so if someone else can help you, ask them to help you! This is how grandmother prepared her green beans for cooking.

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