Recently, I read several articles (like this one) on how to clean your top-loading washing machine. I didn't think my washing machine was really that dirty until I looked at it and realized how really dirty it was. Yuck!

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Most people don't think about "washing" their washing machine, but it really doesn't hurt to do a good cleaning every two months. My washing machine is at least 10 years old and after cleaning it, it was almost new again.

These instructions are for cleaning a top-loading washing machine. All you need to clean it is white vinegar and bleach.

Now before you panic (you should panic a little because you NEVER have to mix bleach and vinegar. Once mixed, they create a harmful gas). You will use these two products, but not at the same time.

Start by filling your washing machine with hot water. Add two cups of bleach to the hot water. Let the water sit in the washing machine for at least an hour. Run the machine through a wash cycle and let the water run out.

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Then fill the washing machine again with hot water and add two cups of white vinegar. Let it sit for another hour, then run the machine through another wash cycle. Use a damp cloth to wipe the top of the machine.