Zinnias are a beautiful, easy-to-grow annual plant. They come in many different colors: red, yellow, orange, purple, white and green. They also reach different heights. Dwarfs or miniatures can measure up to six inches, while the tallest can reach five feet tall.

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With their long stems, these are good flowers to cut and introduce into the house. With changing the water every other day, I have zinnias that last up to two weeks in the house.

Zinnias will do well to sow them directly in the ground. Plant in a sunny place at the end of spring after a danger of frost and the soil temperature is warm.

The zinnias should be thinned so that the miniatures are about six inches apart and the larger ones are twelve inches apart.

If you want your zinnias to be bushy, pinch the tips. Keep the faded flowers cut to encourage your plants to grow more and extend the growing season.

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Zinnias are prone to mold, so if watering with a watering can not water the flowers. Sprinkle water on the soil near the base of the plant.