Need advice on removing black streaks from your kitchen floor? It is common to leave black streaks on vinyl and linoleum kitchen floors. Check out these great tips for easily removing those stubborn black streaks.

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Tip # 1: This solution is not free of chemicals, but a lighter fluid is ideal for removing streaks or black marks on vinyl floors. It is also cheap. You can also try a pencil eraser or the rubber heel of a tennis shoe… Rachel

Tip # 2: Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It & # 39; sa wonderful and easy to use product.

Tip # 3: I used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and it worked in seconds. I would first test a place to make sure it wouldn't spoil the arrival.

Tip # 4: There is something called Goof Off, it will remove these marks from the floor. The lighter fluid will work, but the Goof Off has a slightly better odor, is a little more pleasant to live and work with, and is relatively inexpensive. It will work for almost all types of stains or spills on tiles or almost anything else.

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