Many of my readers over the years have asked the question, "How can I remove stubborn toilet rings from my toilet?" Below are many tips that other readers have submitted that have worked for them. My favorite is tip # 4, I use it all the time!

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Tip # 1: After cleaning my toilet, I drop two Alka Seltzer tablets into the water. The effect it leaves on the bowl is great, but it depends on the severity of the ring.

Tip # 2: I use a Magic Eraser that I keep in my two bathrooms only for this purpose. No friction and it comes right away.

Tip # 3: Try a product called Lime Away – magic in a bottle!

Tip # 4: rubbing the ring with pumice stone, even hard water rings, will do the trick.

Tip # 5: I had deposits so bad that draining the water and sanding and scraping did not remove it. Works bowl cleaner removed about 95% of it. I will make a second application one of these days and try the remaining 5%.

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