My mom and I made these kuchen cherry bars last week (yes, it was a joint effort!) After finding the recipe in a holiday baking edition of Better Homes and Gardens. You may have seen this recipe called cherry pie bars on other blogs or on Pinterest. Yes, it's probably the same delicious recipe!

When I think of cherries, I am transported to my childhood. My grandpa was a big fan of cherry pies, in fact, I'm almost sure he almost always had a half eaten cherry pie in his kitchen!

I grew up developing my own taste for cherry desserts, and this kuchen cherry bar recipe is absolutely at the top of my list of must-have cherry candies. Not only do these kuchen cherry bars taste heavenly, but they are also beautiful. Just look.

Kuchen Cherry Bars Recipe

Cherry Pie Bars Recipe | Kuchen Cherry Bars | Easy dessert bars | Dessert stuffed with cherry pie | Pan Pan Dessert

Cherry Kuchen Bars - These delicious kuchen cherry bars (sometimes called cherry pie bars) are flaky, sweet and completely delicious! This is one of the top 5 recipes of all time on my blog!

You know, there are times when you try a recipe from a magazine and the end result looks like NOTHING like the oh-so-perfect photo on the printed page, but it wasn't one of time.

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Our version of the kuchen cherry bars was as beautiful as the magazine photos and that is why I am confident that yours will also be worthy of an image.