Length Of Your Finger Reveals A Few Surprises About Your Personality

People from all around the world come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and backgrounds. That’s why no two people you’ll ever meet will have the same personality. That’s also what makes this world such an interesting and fascinating place to live in and explore.

If your ever need to make a quick assessment of the characteristics of the person in front of you, take a look at their fingers. I know it might sound weird, but trust me, it could help.

This is because the length of a person’s fingers, more specifically their ring and index fingers, could reveal a lot about them. It can be quite accurate in predicting one’s personality; you just might be surprised.

Take a look at your fingers and compare them to the following list for a fun way to learn more about yourself!


1. Charming

Is your ring finger longer than your index finger? Then you might be “The Charming but Pragmatic One”. People who have ring fingers that are taller than their index finger are quite often charming. Their charismatic nature causes people to be drawn to them from the beginning.

Scientists have discovered that people with longer ring fingers earn more than people with shorter ring fingers. They often tend to base their livelihoods in the fields of engineering and science, due to their practical and problem-solving nature.

Place an obstacle in front of them, and they’ll probably have it figured out within a few minutes!

2. The Confident One

Is your index finger taller than your ring finger? This might indicate that you are “The Confident One”. They are self-assured, strong individuals who do not back down once their minds are made up.

They are born to lead the pack. In sticky situations, they are quick on their toes and eager to guide the way. Resourceful, even-tempered, and confident, people look to them for the right answers. They are not the type of people who will take the first step when it comes to relationships, but they always accept and appreciate the attention they receive.

They are driven by their instincts and are not afraid to take risks and go all out. They work hard for what they want and do not tire until the goal is reached. Even then, they will always keep looking for more.


3. The Peacenik

If your fingers don’t match either of the above categories, then your ring and index fingers might be equal in height. If that’s the case, you would fall into the category of people referred to as “The Peacenik”.

This category of people like to avoid chaos in their lives. They are calm, composed, well-organized, and methodical in nature. They are well organized and try to get along with everybody.

They are also extremely reliable and trusted by their friends, family, and acquaintances due to their loyal and soothing nature. They also tend to avoid conflict and confrontation as much as they can, doing their best to get along with and accommodate to everyone else.


4. The Silent Achiever

Take a look at your pinky finger and compare it to your ring finger. If it is shorter than the first joint of your ring finger, then you are “the silent achiever”.

These kinds of people are generally shy and standoffish with those who they do not know. But even though it may take time for them to get close to someone, once they do, they are completely free and honest with them.

They are big dreamers, but their shyness often makes it hard for them to step out and make their voice heard. Still, if they put your heart to it, they will find a way to make it happen, even if it is in an unconventional method.

You do you, because you’re awesome!


5. The Balanced One

If your little finger reaches the first joint of the ring finger, then you are probably one of “the balanced ones”.

Just as their fingers are in balance, so is their personality. The balanced ones are usually known to be have a mellow and mild personality. They are the person people turn to in times of crisis, because of their calm and grounding nature.

This stoicism may come of to outsiders as cold or dispassionate, but those that are close to them know the warmth and kindness that lies inside.



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