Lucky Bamboo Care – Creative household

Lucky Bamboo is surprisingly easy to maintain. Keep it where it's hot (preferably indoors out of direct sunlight), give it plenty of water (distilled, boiled and cooled water, source … etc).

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AND IT'S EVERYTHING! It’s so easy to take care of it !! Did you know that you can order Lucky Bamboo on Amazon? (you can!)

I don't have a GREEN INCH, so it's like a fish … I just put a curly Lucky Bamboo in a Lucky Bamboo vase, fill it to the brim with water and # 39; forget! It is AVOID like crazy! If you want to give it a little fertilizer, you can buy a fertilizer just for lucky bamboo.

When buying, try to buy some with roots … and YES I know that the smallest are the cheapest … BUT THE SMALLEST WILL DIE! Really! They are too weak and the most difficult to care for! For just like a dollar or 2 dollars more, you can get one that is bigger and stronger.

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Another thing is that Lucky Bamboo can last a lifetime (my grandmother has her mother over the fridge).