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MISSISSIPPI POT ROAST  is an enjoyable meal if prepared well. It is made using the chuck cut of beef which is known to be tough. However if it is prepared well, it will definitely leave people licking their fingers and wanting more. The best way to cook pot roast is under low heat and in a covered pot. A level of liquid is added to the chunk of roast to aid in getting the meat tender. It is quite possible to cook pot roast in a crock pot.

Crock pots are known for slow cooking under low temperatures. This is ideal for cooking meat which brings out the meats succulent flavors for a mouth watering meal. Crock pots are also great for beginners when it comes to cooking and for individuals with busy lifestyles. Cooking meat in a crock pot takes an estimate 4 to 8 hours depending on the temperature the meat is cooked under. however cooking pot roast in a crock pot will take an estimate of 4 to 11 hours. It is wise to know a couple of tips and tricks to use when cooking meat in a crock pot.

The first tip is to keep your crock pot clean. It saves up on preparation time and aids in keeping the crock pot free from bacteria. The best way to ensure that your crock pot stays clean is by washing it immediately after use. If the crock pot comes with a removable cooking liner, always wash the liner after cooking. For crock pots which come without a cooking line, cooking spray should be sprayed inside the pot before cooking for easy cleaning. Most crock pots have temperatures rising to about 300 degrees. For steady low cooking it is wise to cook your pot roast at around 200 degrees. However for cooking in high temperatures you may cook your pot roast at about 300 degrees. A trick to use is to cook the meat on a high temperature when starting out to get the temperatures up to 140 degrees which is the normal temperature a crock pot should reach when in use. After the first hour on high temperature the temperature can be lowered to continue cooking the meal on low temperature. Similarly during the last half hour, the temperatures should be raised and the meat cooked without the lid on.

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mississippi pot roast Crock pots recipe require appropriate layering of foods to ensure that they are cooked well. Vegetables always go at the bottom because they take a considerably long time to cook in the pots. Thereafter the meat goes on top of the vegetables and adequate water or beef broth is poured on the mixture. There are varied recipes used to cook pot roast in a crock pot and if the recipe calls for it, sauces may be poured on the mixture in the crock pot.



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