Patty Melts With Secret Sauce

Some of you might not know what Patty Melts is. In layman terms, it is a variation of the American cheeseburger, but this one is especially made of sourdough bread and is a melt sandwich.

This recipe usually has ground beef patty, caramelised onions and cheese, which is a classic combination. The caramelized onions have to be slow cooked (with patience !) until soft and the glorious caramel colour appears. Here, I have used the “secret” sauce which takes this sandwich to the next level. The ingredients in this sauce gives a creamy, yet perfectly balanced and flavorful sauce which is a great accompaniment in this sandwich. Ensure the patties do not overcook, remove them once done and let it rest before using them in the sandwich. This keeps the sandwich juicy and full of flavour.

This recipe of Patty Melts is truly sinful and amazing !

How to make it:

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