Pumpkin leaf cake is a wonderful fall treat, and our brown butter frosting really sends this delicious sheet cake recipe on top.

Pumpkin leaf cake recipe

There are so many reasons to love leaf cakes!

Two big advantages for me are that the sheet cakes are easier to frost and they are easier to cut than regular cakes.

Plus, I love the cake / frosting ratio of a classic sheet cake. Did I ever mention that I am an icing junkie?

Pumpkin leaf cake plus brown butter frosting equals paradise for fall desserts in my book.

Pumpkin leaf cake recipe

Simple pumpkin cake

This fluffy pumpkin cake recipe is full of delicious ingredients.

Canned pumpkin
Granulated sugar
Granulated sugar
vanilla extract
It is quite easy to just say from this sample of ingredients that it is the best pumpkin leaf cake ever.

Brown butter frosting recipe

Don't even get me started on this brown butter frosting, because it's just SPECIAL.

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Sure, you can also use cream cheese frosting for this recipe, but if you give my brown butter frosting a swirl, I think you will love it.

Pumpkin Leaf Cake - Texas Pumpkin Leaf Cake

The brown butter frosting is totally magical!