Researchers Reveal How Parents Create Narcissistic Children – Fit Body

Although most parents have had nightmares about their children, one nightmare of parenting could easily be producing a narcissistic child who then becomes a narcissistic adult let loose on the world. Parenting a healthy child is all that you want to do, and that includes their mental health and development.

Parents rarely act intentionally to harm their child’s future, and more often, they do the very best they can with the skills and knowledge that they have at the time. Knowing that you have good intentions in parenting your child should give you a sense of pride in your child-rearing so far. We just want you to be cautious about how much love, praise, and freedom you give your child to make an adult who is healthy, happy, and whole.

We will look at the one unhealthy parenting trait that researchers reveal is the most likely to produce a narcissistic child and also, how to avoid this behavior. This article will also address how to recognize narcissism in your child and what to do about it.

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