Science Explains Why Inflammation Makes It Hard to Lose Weight – Fit Body

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while, but to no avail? Are you counting calories carefully, giving up unhealthy foods, and exercising regularly, but still find yourself unable to lose weight? It’s an incredibly frustrating cycle – but there may be a reason!

Inflammation could be caused by many common diet habits, as well as many common bad habits that go unnoticed. You might already know this fact. What you might not know is that inflammation can also cause you to retain or even gain weight. With all the misinformation on weight loss present online, it’s easy to accidentally perform incorrect activities and stall your weight-loss progress.

Worse still, continuing these habits can teach your body repeated weight-gaining processes, making long-term patterns of weight gain more likely to occur. This is why you have to take steps in order to prevent inflammation from taking over your body.

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But why does something like inflammation affect your weight? Are you inflamed? What habits do you need to stop, and what habits can reduce it entirely? Here’s how science explains why inflammation makes it hard to lose weight – and what you can do about it.




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