Scientists Explain How Marijuana May Become a Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease – Fit Body

Research into the medical uses for cannabis continues to provide medical solutions for many health problems, and a new discovery finds that marijuana may be the key to curing the slow cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Nerve cells die naturally as we age, but Alzheimer’s disease leads to rapid cell death that happens at a faster pace than normal.

The unfortunate nature of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders like dementia is that the brain dies faster than the body does, leaving the person struggling to recall important things, like remembering to turn off the stove or remembering where they live.

Memory, cognitive processing, and even behavior can be affected by this disease, and often the lives of family members are affected in significant ways as they struggle to find help for their rapidly deteriorating elder. Clearly, a cure in the form of medicinal marijuana is a potential ray of sunshine in a gloomy prognosis.

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