Steam Cake Recipe and Eggless Steamed Sponge Chocolate Cake

steam cake recipe | steamed chocolate cake | eggless steamed sponge cake with detailed photo and video recipe. a unique way of preparing the traditional eggless sponge cake recipe, using a steamer. it is also known as a chinese way of preparing the cake which mainly deals with a cake prepared from rice and egg. but in the recipe post, a conventional sponge cake is prepared with rice cooker or steamer for those who do not have access to a baking oven.

steam cake recipe | steamed chocolate cake | eggless steamed sponge cake with step by step photo and video recipe. cake recipes are generally baked in the traditional baking oven with egg yolk as one of the main ingredients. however, there are myriad variations to this traditional cake recipes to match individual preferences. one such popular variant is steam cooked cake recipe without egg and baking oven.

i have shared quite a few cake recipes including sponge cake, cheesecake and chocolate, but i receive a lot of request for cake recipes without an oven. for the same, i have already shared cooker cake recipe preparing sponge chocolate cake recipe. but with cooker, there is a risk of damaging it while preparing because of no water used to bake the cake. hence i am sharing the steam cake recipe prepared mainly with steam and water. basically, the technique is very ancient with the chinese cuisine and it is typically used to prepare rice buns. i have adopted the same technique using the steamer (or even the idli stand) to prepare the sponge chocolate cake.



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