For years, I have seen different ideas for making a Thanksgiving blessing tree, but this year, I have finally decided that we are going to make ours. I am really happy with the shape of our tree.

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I have seen many variations of this idea, but for this tree, I just bought a large roll of plain brown wrapping paper which you can buy at Walmart in the section where they have them. shipping supplies. A large roll costs about $ 3.

We rolled up the paper on the dining room table and drew freehand the outline of a tree trunk with several tree branches coming out of the tree.

Then we used a pair of scissors to cut the tree. You need to find a place to hang the tree. You can place it on the side of the refrigerator or on a wall. I put ours on the side of a large cabinet next to the kitchen.

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This Thanksgiving blessing tree is a neat Thanksgiving tradition idea for families.

Choose several different colors of construction paper for the fall leaves. We chose red, orange and yellow. Cut out a bunch of leaf shapes from the construction paper.