The Crown of Gratitude – Creative Household

Bring a little fall indoors. Family and friends help create this crown by sharing what they are grateful for on the brightly colored leaves. Each member of the family can contribute to this beautiful crown of gratitude. It is a great concrete and visual way to give holidays meaning for children.

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The necessary materials

18 inch diameter straw or styrofoam wreath
Autumn leaves
1 or 2 metallic paint pens
3 1/2 yards of elastic 1/4 inch
1 straight pin


1. Fill a large grocery bag with sturdy fall leaves.

2. As a base, use an 18-inch diameter straw or polystyrene crown.

3. Wrap the crown with the elastic. Start by attaching one end of the elastic to the top of the crown with a long straight pin. Wrap the elastic around the crown at 3 inch intervals.

The elastic should be snug against the straw, but not too tight. Once you've gone around the crown, tie the ends of the elastic together.

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4. Using a paint pen on the leaves (a Sharpie will also work), ask each family member to write down what they are most grateful for.