Senior Dogs Who Have No Idea They’re Old


Ohlman walked out of the ditch and approached the dog. He looked at his nametag and saw his name was Sloan. Ohlman opened the door of his mail truck, and Sloan jumped right inside. Sloan apparently could sense that Ohlman was trying to help him.

Ohlman immediately drove Sloan to the closest animal hospital in town. He carried Sloan inside and demanded that the staff help him. After the staff took the dog into the examination room, Ohlman left his contact information with them because he wanted to have updates on Sloan’s condition.



Ohlman left to go back to work, but he couldn’t help thinking about Sloan for the rest of the day. He wondered who could be so cruel to abandon a warm and loving dog like that. It was at that moment that Ohlman decided to adopt Sloan and take care of him. He didn’t want to risk anyone else hurting the dog ever again.

But first, Sloan had to get better because he was in terrible condition. The animal hospital sent Sloan to the KC Pet Project’s shelter. The staff members of the shelter were horrified by the skinny and dirty condition of Sloan. They worked immediately to get him fed, bathed, and warmed up in a comfortable environment.




Sloan could not even walk on his own, and sores were discovered throughout his body. The veterinarians at the shelter had never seen a dog in such bad shape before. They gave him lots of fluids and medications to rehydrate his body and get it nourished again. There were no guarantees whether he would pull through or not.

Fortunately, Sloan showed signs of improvement after a couple of weeks at the shelter. He was then moved to a foster home so that he could go through a long-term rehabilitation and recovery process.

The veterinarians estimated Sloan’s age to be around 12 years old. Old dogs like this normally don’t heal as fast, but Sloan was able to pull through and get better. As the days went on, Sloan started to move around more and showed signs of happiness. Everyone at the foster home loved Sloan. She got all the attention in the world, which was something she lacked for years after being homeless on the streets.

Now that Sloan had made a full recovery, the final step was to move her into a new home. The staff members of the KC Pet Project contacted Ohlman and asked him if he’d want to take ownership of Sloan. Ohlman jumped with joy and quickly headed to the foster home to claim his new dog.


When Ohlman arrived at the shelter, Sloan instantly recognized him as the man who came to her rescue in her time of need. Sloan licked Ohlman and felt an instant connection with him.

For months now, Sloan has loved being in Ohlman’s home. They are both happy together and bring each other great joy.

“Sloan is an elderly dog who I believe used to belong to a family,” Ohlman said. “His demeanor and actions are proof. Somebody did something very inhumane. I only did the humane thing.”

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